Snakeneck Acting Large

Look how tall he’s standing trying to get in there and boss away the cat. He’s like “Oy! Step aside! I’m here for my meal.” Sox was not moving today though. I love the way he’s become so actively food seeking this year. It makes it so much easier to find him to feed him.

Albino Buffalo Stickers

IMG_20150514_132543_242I recently participated in a project that made local artist’s work available in sticker vending machines around town. The stickers are so cute and the idea is just awesome. I loved doing this. I can’t wait to make some stuff for the Art o Mat that will be placed in the mall. Fun stuff!

47 Reasons Why My Dad is Better Than Yours

These are some of my father’s drawings. Most are pretty recent. He’s made some real changes to his style and begun experimenting in an interesting direction. He’s great at portraiture but he has been producing some powerful abstract paintings recently that are making me very happy.

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Mindful Mandalas

cover2Do you believe you create your own reality? “Mindful Mandalas” will guide you through freehand and focal mandala drawing experiences. You will create mandalas based on your own symbolic language and intentions. These activities help you create simple mandalas and meditate on your goals, yourself and desires though numeric, color and personal symbols. Immerse yourself in meditative drawing.

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