Unbottling Crafts

I’ve made so many crafts this past month or so. I just can’t stop. I did some new sections for my books also and they are available online at Amazon.

Halloween Charms Part 2

IMG_20150830_091636_972-2These are for my swap with the Art Charms group on Yahoo. They are inspired by charms seen at 3 Cats site. The first photo is the second set of 10 charms and the second photo is how i will wear the charms i receive this IMG_20150830_093549_523-2year. I can’t wear bracelets on a regular basis so they get boxed up. I can wear a kilt pin all the time though. Even at work. Can’t wait to see what everyone else made and send these off.

My First Set of Halloween Charms for this Season

I saw this video and HAD to attempt it. Mine are not quite this good but i think i’ve done okay with them. The person who did this one did theirs all by hand but i had a tiny mask mold that i was able to alter to mass produce these charms. It takes about an hour for me to make a half a dozen of them.

11888096_1635060683419441_6397445777311956108_n In this photo I included on the left one of the first attempts i made at creating the baby face charm. I have never used pastel chalk to highlight anything so its a little muddy. I did not blow off the excess chalk and when I sealed the charm some chalk floated in the gloss. Also it was just a little large to meet the requirements for an Art Charms swap. The max on a charm is 1.5 inches and this sat right at that mark. The charm on the right is cleaner and tighter. I learned how to refine the eye sockets and nose holes. I also learned how to cleanly make and highlight scars. How can dolls have scars? Who knows? Its Halloween fuck it. Its nowhere near 11899917_1635062860085890_298415340318493188_nas good as the one in the video but not bad for a 3rd try. I used poly clay skin tone and black and cheap pastel chalk from Joanne Fabrics. I applied the highlights and did the detailing with a magnifying light. The findings were silver colored as per the requirements of the swap. I have no idea what I want to make next. Maybe a Ouija board charm.